Exterior Roller Shutter Systems from Aluminum are the perfect solution when it comes to increased security and professional home energy management. These shutter systems are available for new construction as a Top Mounted System or as improvement on existing construction as a Front Mounted System.

Both systems are available in hundreds of colors to match the style and finish of your home and are all custom made for a perfect fit. They can also be electrically and manually operated. Find out more about features and options.

Pleated window treatment is the unique solution for any window covering need. Its sleek design, narrow in width and height – does not cover much glass or frame from your windows and doors. With a depth of only one inch, it fits into every application-, blends in perfectly and is almost invisible when open.

This German patented treatment system is available in bottom-up / top- down operation; freely adjustable in every window or door. No strings will hang on the glass and distract your view to the outside.

You can choose from over 400 different fabrics, colors and designs to find your personal and perfect match for the interior of your home. Find the perfect black out fabric for your entertainment room or bedroom; translucent for privacy and light for your dinning room and living room; and transparent to dress your kitchen and office…

Our Pleated Blinds are also available for large openings as top down with an endless chain or motorized, triangle, trapezoid and arched/ round. A custom solution lets you also dress your skylights and is therefore perfect for garden houses and sun rooms. 




German Architectural LLC

Roller Shutters

Our windows are manufactured by highly skilled German craftsman, who earn their skills in years of long apprenticeships. The windows are on an ongoing process of quality control by master carpenters and facility managers,supported by an advanced CNC computer system.

However, those involved in the production process take pride in their work, and the outcome and quality of the product.

All suppliers surpass the government standard of EN ISO 9001/9002 & carry the quality label “RAL”.

We provide our customers with windows from PVCU/Vinyl, wood, aluminum, vinyl with aluminum clad and wood with aluminum clad.

The hardware mechanism of windows made in Germany is unique. Rather than sliding up & down or sideways, these windows open fully, over the complete opening. In addition they also tilt in for controlled & secured ventilation. We can also provide you with high impact Miami Dade County standard hurricane windows.

Our exterior doors have the same features and options as our windows. They come from the same production plant which ensures the windows and doors match in color, wood, finish and hardware. The production line covers single and doubleFrench Doors, multi panel Folding Doors, Pocket Doors, Lift and Slide Doors, and Pivot Doors.

Depending on the style and material of the door, we can accommodate openings up to 56 feet in width and 14 feet in height. This gives you unlimited design freedom to either adapt to your existing openings, or to expand your living space for a seamless indoor/outdoor living experience. 

In addition we offer a variety of Entrance Doors and Interior Doors - traditional, contemporary, classic or extravagant - rest assured, it will always be of top quality, while fitting your personal style.